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Room 5 Assembly

Easter’s School Visit
Today at school Easter came to Room 5 lion’s.
She weighs 15 (kilos) .
Mrs Letford got her on Easter. Easter was a tiny pig when they got her. . Now she is a bigger pig. They found Easter out in the wild. Her hairs are like bristles. She is very very cute and cuddly. She snuggles up to you and she squeals when you try and pick her up.
by Eden

Today Easter the pig came into room5. she was sort of a cheetah colour and she and she was a wild pig and Mrs Letford found her on Earster that is why she called her Easter.


Hi my name is Amber this is my ostrich egg.I got it from a ostrich farm it had lots of animals. We had to dril a hole in it we hade to shak it all out . It tastist like hen eggs .we made 2 ostrich pie but we dident eat the shell.

Hi my name is Izaac I have made a lego dragon. With the lego dragon I tok a photo of the lego dragon and tok it to toywrld. Keep watching for the photo.