Term 3Christchurch Earthquake this link has been created for people to share experiences about earthquakes and also has facts which are great for trying to help children understand what happens and how to be perpared. Cross Country Photos will be uploaded shortly.Procedural Writing we have been learning how to write procedures for making muka and paper. We learned how important it is to explain clearly the steps, what materials are required and correct quantities. We found out that every job there is has procedures that need to be followed. Some examples we came up with at school were: Fire drills, using the camera's and video camera's, using the interactive whiteboards, using the microphones and easi-speaks just to name a few and that doesn't even show the procedures we need to follow to learn how to write, read, learn games or use the computer programmes.Making Muka and recycle paper
Check out our photos showing how to make muka, recycled paper and experimenting with sawdust to create artwork. We had lots of fun and made changes to the processes to improve it. Thanks to Christine and Kim for your guidance and help.
We have been looking at ways to promote our school and try to share all of the great things we do here.
We made a banner about the great things about Pekerau School. Each class had a page and added what they thought. We then connected them and showed the school and parents at our class assembly. We then used the information and categorised each statement or idea. With the categories we are creating brochures that could be on display at a range of places around Te Awamutu to encourage people to come to our fantastic school.The categories that had the most ideas were our academic subjects and learning and the people at Pekerau, from staff through to families. We also began to see patterns that help us recognise what 'The Pekerau Way' is.We had discussions about how we show the public know there is a school down the alleyway on Cambridge Road. Some suggestions were: brochures, art work down the alleyway, big signs on Cambridge Road or paint Pekerau School on the roof of the junior classrooms. Watch out around the area to see what we end up doing in the future. If you have ideas send us a message through the wiki or email the school.